You can’t miss Our Presence! We communicate Loud and cannot be skipped, piped down or switched off!

At Media Squared Outdoor, we bring your brand right to the target audience where they cannot be missed!

We are specialized in outdoor advertising and Out of Home (OOH) media placement for over 5 years and acquired the recognition of being one of the best outdoor advertising firms. We offer creative media solutions representing multiple locations across UAE and KSA.

We know the importance of communicating your brand message to your key audience, right in the heart of where they live and commute.

We understand sourcing the right outdoor advertising medium for reputed clients is complex. With our vision to guide and simplify the process of this medium in order to save time and money for business owners and advertisers, we provide our own proprietary outdoor location, while also centralizing the RFP and point of communication through a single media partner.

Contact us to learn more about our outdoor solutions, and how it can all be available to you through one experienced and reliable source.